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Saving Telecommunication Cost up to 70 %

       Telecommunications is now a requirement that is used as a benchmark in a relationship with all clients as well as existing relationships, in order to provide interconnections and cooperation between all aspects of life in the good things of business, opportunity, knowledge and others. Given that we PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama has made a breakthrough to provide easy and smooth communication through a partnership as a sales agent telephone facilities cost savings of up to 70%.
         PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama or commonly abbreviated with FMU established on July 20, 2011, which is included in Smartcom Group. Flexindo derived from the word "Flexible" means constantly adapting to the latest telecom technologies. So we always give more value in Indonesian telecommunications world and has had legality registered with providers supported by the largest and well-known in Indonesia such as PT. Telecommunications Indonesia and TelkomFlexi.
     PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama with the target market companies throughout Indonesia by providing telecommunications services that provide cost savings both objectives Local telephone, long distance, International and Cellular telecommunications systems based FWT and IP. In addition we provide facilities for free tools without the cost of installation and monthly rental * and the client only pays billing telephone usage each month.

* Terms and conditions apply

We Work For You

PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama serves as a liaison between the Provider and Corporate Customers in developing and providing full support to the client to handle the telephony communication. With the motto "EASY and SIMPLE" for terms Connectivity, Installation, Maintenance, Service, Cost Effective, and Plug and Call, FMU is ready to provide the best for all of our corporate customers.

FMU Medan

FMU Medan field as the sixth branch office which was inaugurated on September 20, 2013, which was attended by Mr. Ery Ashok as President Director of PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama. The air branch address field in Jl. Comp. Housing Taman Mas Jl Beo. Beo No.79H, Sunggal Medan - Indonesia chaired by Mr. Irvan...

FMU Semarang

FMU Semarang as the seventh branch office was officially opened on August 22, 2013, with Mr. B. Nurkoco as Head of Branch. It is expected to open a branch in Semarang and other regions can open up many opportunities for...